How is God Inspiring You to Give?

At First Presbyterian Church your giving matters, both within and beyond our walls. We believe giving means being stewards of God's resources for day-to-day needs as well as the long-term ministry of the church.

It is only through our collective generosity that we can sustain and further the work of Christ in this city and in the world.

First Pres gladly accepts EFT and credit card gifts. If you make your gift by credit card and are able to add an additional two percent to offset the associated processing fee, the church will be able to utilize the full amount of your gift. 


What is the best way to give?

The best way to give is the method that works for you - several forms of gifts are accepted: online gifts (EFT and credit card), electronic bill-pay through your bank, envelopes for cash offerings in the Sunday offering plate, and Legacy gifts.

Will I receive a record of my electronic gifts?

Yes, you will receive a confirmation of your online gift at the time it is made, and an annual statement in January that reflects all gifts for the prior calendar year. 


What ministry would benefit most from my gift?

Gifts to the General Fund without any restriction allow the church to direct money where it is most needed. 

Where does my gift go?


Your gift to the General Fund supports the on-going ministry and operation of the church as well as local and international Mission agencies and partners.