First Presbyterian Church is committed to being an anti-racist institution.

Below you’ll find videos, resources, and information about what our church is doing to confront racism

and how you can participate.

GROW Newsletters

Educational opportunities to promote anti-racism literacy brought to you by the G.R.O.W. Team (Gather, Reflect, & Offer Wisdom), a subcommittee of the Anti-Racism & Equity Task Force

Anti-Racism and Equity Task Force

In June 2020, the Session of First Presbyterian Church of Libertyville voted to form an “Anti-Racism and Equity Task Force” (ARETF). This task force has been charged with:

·  Learn about the Presbytery of Chicago’s Commission on Anti-Racism and Equity and explore what resources and guidance CARE can offer First Pres;

·  In partnership with Faith Formation, curate an initial set of anti-racism resources and develop opportunities for members of our community to engage in anti-racism work through learning, prayer, and action;

·  Make a recommendation on how to institutionalize anti-racism at First Pres (i.e. forming a new committee or assigning responsibilities to existing committees);

·  Make a recommendation on appropriate anti-racism training for officers, staff, and members and explore options for an institutional audit; and

·  Make any other recommendations to Session to deepen our congregation’s commitment to becoming an anti-racist institution.

The members of the ARETF are: Debra Alexander (co-chair/elder), Tucker Olson (co-chair), Dan Brame, Kathy Chapman, Amy Christian, Juli Dunsing, Vanessa Griffin, Anna Groebe (elder), Rob Heinrich, Susan Henning(elder), Susie Lawson, Kristin Marsden, Rosemary Monahan(elder), Brian Smith, Fred Ulanday, Ken Weller, Susan Weller, and Rev. Ryan Wallace. 

You can read more about our commitment to anti-racism in Rev. Dr. Brian Paulson’s letter to the congregation on June 18, 2020. 

Read the August 31, 2020 letter to the congregation.

Biblical Grounding for Black Lives Matter

Rev. Dr. Brian R. Paulson

Rev. Amy Heinrich

Rev. Kara Smith Laubenstein

Rev. Ryan Wallace