Interim Associate Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Libertyville


A full position description in the form of a Ministry Information Form for churches of the Presbyterian Church, (U.S.A.) is available in PDF format below. What follows are key narrative portions of that description to provide an orientation. Please submit your Personal Information Form or denominational equivalent with a cover letter expressing your interest by sending it to: interimAPfpcl@gmail.com


Desired characteristics of the Interim Associate Pastor:


The person who is open to being called to be the Interim Associate Pastor (IAP) of First Presbyterian Church of Libertyville will have a passion and vision for growing disciples of all ages through innovative and creative ways that reflect the world and community in which they live, work, play and worship.  In the context of ministries involving intergenerational faith formation, anti-racism and equity, and other mission-centric programs and initiatives, this person will be well grounded in Scripture and Reformed theology and be effective as a change agent having the capacity and ability to be responsive to the needs of the congregation in ways that are Christ-centered, sensitive, relevant, encouraging and fresh. The candidate must be sincerely interested in people, and be willing to listen and partner across multi-generations and possess discernment, emotional intelligence, patience and compassionate listening skills to bridge the inevitable gaps and disconnects inherent in a multi-generational congregation and be responsive to their diverse needs. The IAP will be an innovator and encourager of change who is able to manage and resolve in Christian love any conflicts which might arise. Additionally, the IAP will be an intentional collaborator and partner, always seeking to work together for the greater good and the best outcome with the congregation and the staff.


Responsibilities for tasks, assignments, and program areas:


The Interim Associate Pastor will be responsible for these essential functions:


·         Build relationships with and among adults, parents, youth, children, volunteers and church leaders that nurture a                      sense of belonging, strengthen the church community and encourage active engagement.

·         Assist in the worship life of the congregation, preaching and designing worship services periodically, as coordinated by              the Head of Staff.

·         Help the congregation grieve the departure of a beloved Associate Pastor.

·         Periodically serve as Head of Staff when the Head of Staff is absent. 


Role in accomplishing vision and mission goals:


The Interim Associate Pastor will encourage the continuance of ministry and new initiatives that are part of our crucial ministries. This person will help the congregation grieve the departure of a beloved Associate Pastor for Youth Ministries after seven years of service with us. This ministry of encouragement and pastoral care will take place during a transition in leadership with our congregation at a time when we have recently embraced an intergenerational model of Sunday morning faith formation and new approaches to worship. We plan to continue innovating, developing, and sharing the faith with fresh approaches. The emphasis in the early stages of the interim period will focus on equipping and encouraging our many member leaders to sustain youth ministries and our ministries with children and their families. Over time, this role will take on other areas of focus to sustain church leadership and foster congregational vitality.  We are seeking a grounded and innovative collaborator who is skilled at equipping others for ministry.  This person will recruit, affirm, and encourage our growing faith formation approach with new vision and initiative.


Download a PDF copy of our Ministry Information Form here.