The Chapel Music Team is a strong and committed core of experienced and skilled adult members – many of whom are professional musicians, band directors and trained vocalists - who lead our Chapel music service at First Presbyterian Church of Libertyville, IL.  First Presbyterian Church is located in the heart of Lake County and is a vibrant church with a dynamic congregation that is dedicated to serving others and serving God.

As a member of the Program Staff at First Presbyterian Church of Libertyville, the Chapel Music Director is responsible for the overall planning and execution of the Chapel music program and team.  Within the personnel structure of First Presbyterian, the Chapel Music Director reports directly to the Director of Music.  The Chapel Music Director position is a 20 hour per week job with on-site responsibilities primarily on Sunday mornings and Thursday afternoons/evenings.

Responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to:
•    Prayerfully planning, selecting, arranging and leading the congregational worship songs for the Chapel Service, guided by the scripture and theme for each Sunday, and in consultation with the preacher of the day. 
•    Selecting and arranging on the music software (as needed) the Offertory (for Chapel Music Team ensemble, or soloist/s) each week, choosing selections that help communicate the heart of the message that Sunday.
•    Recruiting, scheduling, and directing the Chapel Music Team singers and instrumentalists, for each Chapel Worship service. 
•    Leading the Chapel Music Team rehearsals each week.
•    Coordinating the Chapel Media Arts teams (Sound and Projection). 
•    Coordinating with the Projection team for each Chapel Worship service.
•    Assisting in the set up the sound equipment including microphones, stands, computers and monitors.
•    Preparing the presentation via ProPresenter, MediaShout, or another appropriate software
program each week in advance of the Sunday morning run-through, including loading the
songs, prayers, scripture readings and sermon illustrations to be projected during the
Chapel Service.
•    Partnering with the Director of Music and other Music Department staff in the planning and leading (as appropriate) of music for special worship services (about once a month).
•    Meeting the deadlines to submit necessary bulletin material to administrative staff.

Worship leader experience required.  Attention to detail and organizational skills required.  Familiarity with worship presentation software like Pro Presenter and other technologies used in Worship required.


If interested, please email resumes to: firstpreslibstaffopenings@gmail.com  and reference Chapel Music Director in the subject line.