There is a ministry for everyone

Faith Formation


 Kids are always learning, absorbing, and sorting what they've taken in. Our faith formation programs are designed to offer them foundations of faith in ways that invite questions and make connections as they create and build their relationships with God and one another. To help bring their faith beyond the walls of the church, we offer a variety of ways for families to incorporate discussions on faith into their daily lives. 


Our youth programs are shaped to walk with 6th-12th grade students as they grow, learn, and connect in community with one another, with our larger church community, with the world, and with God.


Growing in faith is a lifelong process, evolving as we experience more life, as we face more challenges, as we see more evidence of God's mercy, grace, and love. We offer a variety of ways to live and grow in faithful community with one another.


Learn how community, fellowship and service intertwine as we seek to live as disciples of Christ.


Experience the joy of singing and performing music that glorifies God. Our music programs are for all ages from preschool to adult. 


You matter to God. You matter to us.