Our Story

We are a historic church with prairie roots that were first driven into the ground of Lake County in 1869. Yet we are also a church of innovation that reflects the powerful way God is transforming historic institutions into communities of caring and creativity.
Our church celebrates its Sesquicentennial in 2019 with a range of celebrations commemorating faithful witness to God’s love across many generations as a legacy of hope for Lake County. We welcome you into this inspiring river of faith expecting that your voice and life will broaden the beauty of all God can do in this place. 
The ministry we share is rooted in Libertyville and branches out in ministry throughout Lake County. Yet our vibrant heritage links us farther by faith to Christians across the world as part of the historic and largest Presbyterian Church network in the nation. We are excited to include your story with our story as we tell of God’s wondrous love for all the world.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to be a joyful people who inspire by sharing life in Christ. 
For 150 years, we have inspired service, vocations, and spiritual growth among families and individuals of every age and every station of life. We inspire faith, hope, and love in the name of Jesus Christ. The great spire of our church steeple is a distinctive hallmark and identifier in the community. We use that steeple as a challenge to inspire.
We use the word inspire to identify, unify, and motivate our congregation. Our congregation consistently and joyfully reflects on the way we live our Christian life; both together and as individuals in the community.  We live, laugh, and love in faith while constantly praying, “O God, make our life together inspire the world with the love of Christ.”


Our Mission

We gather in homes and beneath our steeple, grow in the love of God and are sent by the power of the Holy Spirit to inspire with joy.  That is our mission, consistent with Christians of every age: Gather, Grow, and Send. That historic mission is focused by three current strategic initiatives: We inspire the youth of our community. We inspire new generations for leadership and witness. We inspire a culture of abundance.